Friendship Challenge



I'm Sarah, Tribe Founder and you're likely thinking 'ok, I'd love some new friends, now what?'

I can relate!! 
Making new friends isn't easy and you're likely feeling as I did after moving to Auckland a few years ago.

My children were off and living their own lives. I was newly separated and I had that horrible moment of realizing I didn't have a friend in the whole city. Within a few weeks, my feeling of desperate loneliness was leaking at my self-confidence and I was eating way too many salt n' vinegar chips!! 

I joined Meetups (fail), I even, shock horror, joined the gym in an attempt to meet new friends but it's hard enough striking up a friendly conversation with a stranger, let alone in a changing room!!

The good news is, that painful, lonely time for me, means the Tribe has been created for you, and the Tribe has helped thousands of new friendships happen, with no overpriced lycra required!

You've taken the first step by signing up to your  Tribe FB Group and this simple, 5-day friendship challenge, is the next step to getting your friendship ball rolling.

Your Next Steps - 

Science teaches us you need 'proximity' to make new friends which make sense right?! You can't make new friends from opposite ends of the living room. So that's where your '5-day friendship challenge' begins;  by you taking 5-steps closer to your fellow Tribe Gals, without having to leave your living room.

If you're worried you're too old, too young, or too in-between, with 20,000+ Tribe Gals of all ages and all stages, you're in very safe hands. Plus, the steps in this friendship challenge are simple and as you're busy, will never take you more than a few minutes to complete.

After this 5-day friendship challenge, you'll be 5 steps closer to some fabulous new friends and all-the-while becoming familiar with the Tribe community, and how it works for you. 


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