Event Hosting


Do you ever find yourself thinking, 'I'd love to have fun, fabulous people to do things with?'

Now you can!
No matter what activities you most enjoy, we'll 'find your tribe' of like-minded Tribe Gals who'll LOVE to join you  

We know you're busy! The Tribe offers FREE event write-ups, promotion, marketing and administration so you can get on with the really important stuff....Making new friends!

Tribe provides FREE: 

* Host training - 24/7 support and hand-holding as you learn the hosting ropes

* Event Creation  - Free copywriting, imagery sourcing & event listing on all Tribe friendship platforms

* Event promotion - Free emailing, direct messaging, marketing & promotion of your event so the right people hear about it and come along! 

* Admin - Sit back, relax as we'll do all the work so you can simply show up, have some fun and repeat! 



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