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30's-40's Tribe - Sunday Roast @The Roxy

24 October 2021 at 5:00:00 am

If you'd like to make some lovely new friends come and enjoy a delicious Sunday Roast at the Coco Lounge in the Roxy.

30's-40's Tribe - Sunday Roast @The Roxy

If you'd like to meet some lovely new people, come and 'find your tribe' during a scrumptious Sunday Roast at the Coco Lounge in the Roxy.

This event is ideal if you're not a fan of larger Tribe Events and will prefer meeting up to 6 of your fellow Tribe Gals during a 2-course Sunday Roast which includes roasted sirloin, roasted veggies, lashings of gravy and Yorkshire Pud plus a delicious dessert to sweeten the deal. 

Unlike other restaurants where you've a selection of dishes to choose from, Sunday Roast means slowly roasted sirloin is it. 

If you're nervous you won't know anyone rest assured, all Tribe Events are designed to be attended solo so prepare for a good times, great chats and some fabulous new friends to meet. 

See you there!

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