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[Age]'s Tribe - Northern Gals Brunch Club - Friendship Series

Northern Gals Brunch Club is for every Tribe girl who'd like to make new friends over a fun, friendly, 'gals brunch', hosted every month. You'll meet new people over fabulous food, fine coffee, and even finer company!

[Age]'s  Tribe - Northern Gals Brunch Club - Friendship Series

If you'd like to make new friends who enjoy a fun and friendly monthly brunch, this is the Friendship Series for you! 

Join and your fellow, '[age]'s Tribe' while experiencing a range of delicious North Shore & Hibiscus Coast cafes as you meet for a tasty brunch, once a month, from May to October. 

Limited to just [guest] members, you'll meet one another regularly so new friendships will grow. 

Nervous you won't know anyone? 

Designed to be joined solo because everyone you meet is there to make new friends too. 

You'll love it!

Friendship Guarantee - Pay nothing for your first event!! 

If you go along to your first event and think 'oooops, not my people', drop us an email within 24 hours and we'll refund your membership fee, no questions asked!

Dates and Venues: 

  • May 8th at 10:30am - Hello Manly, Manly
  • June 5th at 10:30am - Black and Gold Coffee Eatery, Rosedale
  • July 3rd at 10:30am - Millies, Millwater
  • August 7th at 10:30am -Willow Cafe, Albany
  • September 4th at 10:30am - Olivers, Orewa
  • October 2nd at 10:30am - Obella, Long Bay

For further, detailed event information and times, grab your membership tickets now.

To freely RSVP to friendship events, click the button below to choose your membership.

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