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40+ Wine n' Dine Tribe

7 August 2021 at 7:00:00 am

If you'd like to make some lovely new friends, come and 'find your tribe' while sampling a range of delicious restaurants around town while meeting, greeting and having some fun!

40+ Wine n' Dine Tribe

Prepare yourself for a wonderful night of fine wine, food food and some even finer company during our fabulous, 40+ Gals -  Wine n' Dine Club. 

You'll meet some wonderful people while experiencing a range of delicous restaurants in/around town so lets have some fun while enjoying a fabulous girls night out!

 If you're a little nervous about coming along on your own, don't worry about it! All Tribe Events are specifically designed to be attended solo because that's the whole idea, to make new friends, while doing new things, with some fabulous new people.  

This month we're meeting at Fife Lane which looks fan-flippin-tastic. 

Check out their webiste & menu here:

Everyone welcome!! 

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