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40's-50's Tribe - Try New Things Club

29 April 2022 at 10:30:00 pm

Come and make some wonderful new friends during a series of super-fun friendship events, hosted monthly, for 6 months! Limited to just 12 members, you'll meet one another often enough, & regularly enough, for new friendships to grow. You'll love it!

40's-50's Tribe - Try New Things Club

If you'd like to make new friends, join your very-own Friendship Club and meet your fellow members once a month between April and September while trying new things, and having some fun!

Limited to just 12 members - 

How do Tribe Clubs actually work? 

By joining a 'Tribe Club' you'll have your pick from a selection of monthly events, hosted by your fellow members so you can come as often as you like and, by meeting one another regularly, new friendships are sure to grow. 

Nervous joining a Tribe - Friendship Club on your own? 

Friendship Clubs are designed to be attended solo because everyone you meet, at every friendship event is there to make new friends too. There are no +1's and all Club events are exclusive to it's members allowing you to meet one another often enough, and regularly enough, for new friendships to grow. 

$37 includes - 

1/ Watch your new friendships GROW during a series of super-fun, 'monthly Club events'.  

Come as often as you like with NO ADDITIONAL RSVP fee's to attend: 

30th April           Kayak and coffee  Mcclarins falls 10.30am to approx 1.30pm

28th May            Bush walk   Onetanewainuki    11am  to approx 2pm

25th June           Hot Pools   Fernland Spa Pool   7pm  to approx 9pm

30th July            Pot luck Dinner and drinks (maybe my house)   6pm - 9ish

20th August      Yuppie Breakfast at Nourish Te Puna   10.30am to 12 ish

24th Sept           Bush Walk  lower Kaimais  to be worked out  10am to 3pm


2/ Access to your very-own, 'Club-Chat' group' - 

Have you ever thought, 'I wish I had people to do things with?' 

Now you will! 

You'll be given exclusive access to your very own 'Club Chat Group' on Messenger where you, and your fellow members, can chat and arrange meet n' greets between your scheduled, monthly event. 

3/ No more RSVP fee's! Attend as many Club events as you like and never pay another cent! 

4/ Full Messenger and email support. Any questions? We've got you.

Likely the only Friendship Club you'll EVER need. 

Worried you won't click with the other members? Go along to your first Club event and if you realise you don't have a thing in common with the other gals? No problem! Send us an email to: and we'll refund your membershp fee, no questions asked. 


To freely RSVP to friendship events, click the button below to choose your membership.

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