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50+ Tribe - Scrumptious Ladies Lunch

If you'd like to meet fabulous new people, come and 'find your tribe' during a Scrumptious Indonesian Lunch.

50+ Tribe - Scrumptious Ladies Lunch

Sure, we can't travel the world but we can take our taste buds along for  the ride as we explore some authentic Indonesian cuisine while meeting new people and having some fun!

If you're a fan of Indonesian cuisine you'll love Bandung cafe! The food is de-vine and inspired by their Indonesian mothers' kitchens and the tiny, taste sensation warungs (food carts) lining every street in Bali and Java. Bandungs freshly made, delicious, street food snacks, will give you the authentic taste of Indonesia, minus the 13 hour flight and ho-hum aeroplane food. 

If you're in the mood for a fresh flavours and lively conversation come along and join us!! 

See you there!

Photo credit:  Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

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