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60+East Auckland Gals - Tuesday Coffees & Catchup Club

13 November 2023 at 9:00:00 pm

If you're keen to 'find your tribe', over a fortnightly coffee & catchup, this ones for you! Hosted at Coffee Club, Mission Bay, you'll have 2-months of lovely, Tuesday morning get-togethers to look forward to over fine coffee, great company and spectacular conversation! 🥰

60+East Auckland Gals - Tuesday Coffees & Catchup Club

If you've seen a group of friends laughing & talking over their morning coffee and wished that was you, now it will be! Come and 'find your tribe' during a fortnightly cuppa and catchup you'll love

Let's face it - The days can be very long particuarly if, for whatever reason, you're at home while other friends are still out working. This fortnightly, 'cuppa & catchup' is designed for any 60+ Tribe Gal who'll enjoy catching up with some new friends and enjoying a chat over a cuppa, or 2. 

Hosted on Tuesdays, by the very lovely Kathryn Foster -  you'll have a ready-made Tribe of new friends to meet. 

Nervous Going on Your Own?

Don't be! In fact, that's what makes Tribe Events so special - They're designed to be attended solo. 

Wanna car-pool?

Great! Sign up now and get yourself connected with the other gals via your very-own, Messenger Chat group.

Event Details: 

Hosted at Coffee Club Mission Bay at 10am, fortnightly on these dates: 

  • 14th November
  • 28th November
  • 12th December

Membership tickets do not cover your event costs.

Enjoy!!! 😘

To freely RSVP to friendship events, click the button below to choose your membership.

Already have a membership?

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