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BOP GALS - SUP CLUB Summer Series

2 December 2022 at 9:30:00 pm

For safety's sake, we're limiting SUP Club events to 14 pax each time. Sign yourself up for those events you're planning to attend here.

BOP GALS - SUP CLUB Summer Series

Your membership has already been paid so no more money is due. Phew!! 😜 Instead, this is where you register for each 'Sup Club Meet n' Greet' you're planning to attend. This does not have to be done immediately and can be done when you're sure you'll be heading along. 

SUPER IMPORTANT - Update your host ASAP if you're no longer able to attend an event you've RSVP'd too. 

PROPOSED EVENT DATES - May change due to weather conditions: 

  • Pilot Bay Beach, 03 Dec, 10:30 am

Nervous you won't know anyone?

Good news! Tribe events are designed to be attended solo because everyone you meet is there to make new friends too.

Worried you won't be fit enough or have zero SUP experience?

SUP is great for both beginners, and experienced SUP'rs alike however, please note - You're required by law to wear a lifejacket when you're on the water and are responsible for your own safety during this fun, friendship-event.  

Prepare for good times, great girl chats and creating amazing memories that'll last forever.

Enjoy!!! 😘

To freely RSVP to friendship events, click the button below to choose your membership.

Already have a membership?

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