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Sth East Tribe - Aerial Silks & Pole Fitness Class - Cuppa & Catchup

5 November 2023 at 6:30:00 pm

Come & make some lovely new friends during a 'Tribe Gals exclusive' aerial silks and pole fitness class followed by a cuppa n' catchup together afterward. You'll get to try 2 fun new hobbies and meet some like-minded new friends in the process! 😊

Sth East Tribe  - Aerial Silks & Pole Fitness Class - Cuppa & Catchup

If you'll enjoy making some lovely new friends while trying fun new hobbies, come and enjoy a Tribe Gals exclusive, 'Aerial Silks' doubled with 'Pole Dancing' class! 

Perfect for all ages, and all levels of experience, you'll make new friends during girl-time that's good for you 🥰

Hosted by Lorenza Hall at a beautiful studio in Flat Bush, you’ll be not only enjoy a super-fun fitness class but you're also heading out together for a cuppa, brunch, or smoothie together afterward. 

$32 includes 30-mins of aerial silks and 30-mins pole fitness class & Tribe booking fee.

Event Dates/Details: 

Hosted from 10:30am-11:30am followed by brunch/cuppa afterward

Aerial Silks & Pole Fitness Class - Sunday, November 5th

Pick up your tickets now for lotsa fun new friends to meet and exciting new hobbies to try!

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