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Boujee Babes Friendship Series

4 June 2022 at 12:00:00 am

Come and 'find your tribe' of 'boujee babes' during a series of super-fun, super-swanky, ladies' lunches! You, & your fellow Tribe gals will dust off that fabulous outfit, get done up, and take lots of Insta-worthy pics while sampling some of Auckland's most boujee, award-winning restaurants.

Boujee Babes Friendship Series

If your idea of a great afternoon is getting gorgeous with a fabulous group of girlfriends, taking lots of pics, and experiencing some of Auckland's most 'boujee' set menus, this Boujee Babes Friendship Series is for you! 

Join the very lovely, Kimberley Kilgour and your fellow 'boujee babes' as you meet every month for a long, lavish  'ladies lunch' as you meet, greet, and have lotsa fun! 

$69pp membership entitles you to:

* Attend unlimited, monthly, 'Boujee Babe Events' for 6 months with NO ADDITIONAL RSVP fees (food & drinks at your own expense)

* An exclusive Messenger/WhatsApp chat group to make new friends between events

* Available to 20 members ONLY.

Not familiar with the term Boujee?

As defined by the urban dictionary "Boujee" is someone whose enjoying a (well-earned) lifestyle of luxury, but who still knows their more humble roots and celebrates all of it!

How a Tribe - 'Friendship Series' Works

Unlike previous Tribe Events, when you'd meet now n' then, at a variety of 'different' friendship events, 'Boujee Babes' has been designed for a few gals to meet one another often enough, and regularly enough, for new friendships to grow. 

Nervous you won't know anyone? All Tribe Events are designed to be attended solo because everyone you meet, at every Tribe Event, is there to make new friends too. You'll love it! 

FAQ - 

What if I can't come to every event or plan that far ahead? 

Although you may not make it every month, we figure 3-4x over the next 6 months means you'll not only have some incredible, 'boujee' lunches, but you'll also make some wonderful new friends! 

What if I don't click with the other gals? 

If you think 'oooops, not my people', drop us an email within 24 hours saying as much and we'll transfer your membership into another friendship event series so you can 'find your tribe'.

Dates and Venues for Boujee Babes Friendship Series: 

  • Saturday 4th June 12nn, Ostro
  • Saturday 2nd July 12nn, SPQR
  • Saturday 13th August 12nn, Hello Beasty
  • Saturday 10th September 12nn, AHI
  • Saturday 8th October 12nn, Cibo

Additional, member-only information is available upon purchasing your Boujee Babes Friendship Series club ticket. Check your emails and, if it's not there, your junk folder. 

Enjoy :-) 

To freely RSVP to friendship events, click the button below to choose your membership.

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