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Mary Jane Tribe 🌿 Board Games Fun!

16 June 2024 at 6:30:00 am

If you're keen on connecting with your fellow, 'Mary Jane Tribe' during a variety of fun, monthly meetups over board games and gal laughs this fun, 4-monthly, friendship series is for you! 🥰

Mary Jane Tribe 🌿 Board Games Fun!

If you're keen to find your fellow, 'mary-jane tribe', this 4-month 'friendship series' is for you! You'll meet like-minded new friends every month over some fun, friendly, board-game meetups you'll love.

Worried you wont' know how to play a game? Don't worry about it! Dice & Slice have 250+ board games for us to choose from and, if we don't know how to play something, their helpful staff will give us all the tips and tricks we need to get started.

Hosted by Rebecca, these  'monthly meetups' are designed as an easy way of you connecting with like-minded women and make some lovely new friends in the process!

Nervous you won't know anyone?

Don't be! Tribe events are designed to be attended solo because everyone you meet is there to make new friends too! You'll love the Tribe-vibe.

Keen to Car Pool?

When registering you'll select if you're keen to get a ride, or take other gals along, so you can collaborate with the other gals and let's get you there with the minimum of fuss.

Event Details:

Hosted every 3rd Sunday for 4 months, 6:30pm at Dice & Slice -

  1. 16 June
  2. 21 July
  3. 18 August
  4. 15 September

Please note - event costs (if any), not included.

RSVP Options:

* Already a Tribe subscriber? Get your free ticket below. 

* Tribe Subscriber: $14.99 per month - Unlimited friendship events. Select 'Membership Offer'  below

* 1-off/series tickets: From $14.95. Available below

Enjoy 😘

To freely RSVP to friendship events, click the button below to choose your membership.

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