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Clay n' Sip - Make New Friends While Trying Pottery!

If you thought portraits were for paintings, think again! Come and make new friends while sculpting one another's faces!

Clay n' Sip - Make New Friends While Trying Pottery!

Come along, meet new people while experiencing  one of these wonderful, Pottery n' Sip evenings you've been hearing about.

Pour your favourite beverage and sit back, relax, and enjoy an afternoon learning how to sculpt a new friends face! 

You, and your fellow Tribe Gals. will get broken into teams and spend the evening chatting, laughing and sculpting one another's faces. You'll go home with new friends, and a new sculpture of you! 

Afterward, you're all heading out for a drink Aat CBK so you'll have a further chance to meet and greet with everyone who comes along.

Now-now, don't freak out! If you've never got messy with mud before, this is the friendship event for you! You'll simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided by your teacher and create a wonderful memory while receiving a sculpture you can take home to remember it by. 

So come along, have some fun, and get yourself sculpted! 


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