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Event Title

25 May 2022 at 8:30:00 pm

If you'd like to connect with others in the '50+ Tribe', join our 'Hibiscus Coast Beach Walk & Cuppa', Friendship series'.

Event Title

If you'll enjoy monthly child friendly gatherings  & girl-chats, join Sarah Clarke as you meet at various child-friendly locations around [SPECIFIC AREA/TOWN]

Limited to 14 Tribe Gals, you'll make new friends during 6 months of regular walks, talks, and catchup cuppas. 

Nervous you won't know anyone?

Don't be.

Designed to attended solo, this '50+ Tribe - Friendship Series' is for any 50+ Tribe Gal whose looking for new friends, fresh air, sunshine and a great start to her Sunday!

You'll love it!

Event Dates & Locations -

8:30am start (1-hr walk + 1-hr cuppa/catchup)

Sunday, 22 May, 8.30am - Red Beach 

Sunday, 19 June, 8.30am - Stanmore Bay  

Sunday, 17J uly, 8.30am - Shakespeare Regional Park  

Sunday, 14 Aug, 8.30am - Orewa Estuary  

Sunday, 11 September, 8;30am - Cooper Reserve  

Sunday, 9th October, 8.30am - Orewa Beach

Can't make every event, or plan that far ahead?

$37 for 6 months membership means you can come as often as you can between May and October. Limited to only 14 other Tribe Gals your new friendships will grow. 

Friendship Guarantee - First event free! 

Don't click with the other gals?

You've 24 hours after your first event to cancel your membership. No questions asked.

Send us an, 'I'm outta here' email to: for a full refund.

Please note - 

Once you've RSVP'd, check your email for more information. Not there? Your junk folder.

Enjoy!! :-)

To freely RSVP to friendship events, click the button below to choose your membership.

Already have a membership?

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