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Fun, Fabulous 55+ Tribe - Friendship Dining Series

27 July 2022 at 11:30:00 pm

If you'd like to make new connections this super-fun, super-friendly, 90-Day Connecting Challenge is for you! Meet n' Greet your fellow 55+ Tribe Gals during 90 Days of Friendship Events. First in, best friended!

Fun, Fabulous 55+ Tribe - Friendship Dining Series

This fun, fabulous, 'friendship series' is designed for all budgets whether you'll enjoy catching up over a cuppa, drinks, a shared platter, or an evening meal.

Hosted by Jude Gane between July-September this friendship series is perfect if you'll enjoy meeting new friends over a bite to eat while chatting, laughing and meeting new people.

Hosted at a selection of gorgeous, handpicked restaurants you'll meet new people in a casual and relaxed setting and is perfect for everyone whether this is your first friendshp series or if you've been with us from the very start. 

What You Can Look Forward To

Make new 'connections' while enjoying 'girls' dinners out' and good times and spectacular company.

Nervous you won't know anyone?

Tribe events are designed to be attended solo.

Worried you won't click with the other gals?

New friends in 90-Days, or your money back!

What You'll Receive

* Arrange unlimited meet n greets with your very own,  exclusive, 55+ FB Group 👋

* 5 Secrets To Making REAL Friends on FB - The Tribe Gals How-to-Guide. 🥰

* 'Find Your Tribe' with a fabulous Into Post! Not sure what to say?  FREE  'fill-in-the-blank Intro post-builder you'll love 💕

Dates and Starting Point:⭐⭐⭐

(Please note - your membership ticket secures your place in this series - Your event costs are your own)

  • Fun, Fabulous 55+ -Thursday, 28th July 6 pm
  • Fun, Fabulous 55+ - Sunday, 14th August 11:30 am
  • Fun, Fabulous 55+ - Friday, 26th August 6 pm
  • Fun, Fabulous 55+ - Sunday, 11th September 11:30 am
  • Fun, Fabulous 55+ - Thursday, 29th September 6 pm
  • Fun, Fabulous 55+ - Friday, 14th October 6 pm

Collect your Fun, Fabulous 55+ Tribe membership tickets now and check your inbox for more detailed event information. Not there? Your junk folder. Still not there? Let me know!!

Enjoy!!! :-)

To freely RSVP to friendship events, click the button below to choose your membership.

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