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George Denton Park MB Ride

12 March 2022 at 10:00:00 pm

Come and make some lovely new friends while enjoying a scenic mountain bike ride to George Denton Park.


George Denton Park MB Ride

If you'll enjoy making some lovely new friends while getting some fresh air and smiler-size come and  'find your tribe' during a fun, friendly, MB Ride at George Denton Park.

Ride up Transient Track and Highbury Fling or Clinical Track to George Denton Park/ Highbury. Depending on fitness levels and keenness we can continue riding up to the wind turbine via Sawmill and Carparts.  

With gradual single track uphill. There are various options to loop back down to Aro Valley which we can discuss on the day. 

Riding up to George Denton Park would take approximately 35 min via Transient, 20 min via Clinical Track. If continuing to the wind turbine we'll add another 30min or so depending on the fitness level of attendees.

You'll cycle n' chat and stop regularly along the way to enjoy the beautiful views and afterward,  coffee catch up at Ismene's house as you get to know one another a little better. 

Bring along your bike.

Nervous you won't know anyone? All Tribe Events are designed to be attended solo because everyone you meet, at every Tribe event, is there to make new friends too.

You'll love it!

Meet-up details & what to bring - 

This information will be provided in your confirmation email so RSVP yourself along now and keep an eye on your inbox and if it doesn't arrive, your junk folder. 

Enjoy 🙂

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