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Girls Night In - Teppanyaki Dinner Party!

If you're a fan of dining at home w. friends plus a delicious, Teppanyaki meal cooked by a highly skilled chef, come and join a fabulous, 'Girls Night In,' with a Teppanyaki chef, at Carmen's house :-)

Girls Night In - Teppanyaki Dinner Party!

Come and make some lovely new friends while enjoying a delicious, Teppanyaki Dinner party. 

If you're a fan of girls nights in, plus dining-out with a highly skilled chef, come and join your host Carmen during a girls night-in at her place. 

Dinner: Stir-fried vegetables, sumptuous prawns, scallops w. garlic butter, salmon and various speciality beef, chicken and of course, lashings of fried rice! 

Tribe building at its culinary finest.

Carmen is one of your fellow Tribe gals whose celebrating her birthday in November and has decided that's a good enough excuse to throw a Tribe Gals, Teppanyaki Dinner Party at her place :-) 

If you love the exquisite flavours of Teppanyaki and can't be arsed with the parking palaver, come and have a beautiful, girls' night out, at Carmen's house.

The Tribe is all about helping you meet new people and try new things so come along and have some fun!

Dine like queens - A feast for all senses!

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