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Girls Night Out - Pub Quiz!

If you'll enjoy making new friends, come and 'find your tribe' during the [INSERT QUIZ NAME]!'. Hosted at [VENUE] in [SUBURB], you'll pit yourTribe Team against other, inferior teams 😂 during our next, Tribe Gals Quiz Night!

Girls Night Out -  Pub Quiz!

Come and 'find your tribe' as you, and your fellow 'Tribe Gals' join forces duing the [INSERT QUIZ NAME]. 

Hosted at [VENUE], [VENUE DETAILS] in [SUBURB],  prepare for a great night out with lots of laughs as you go in the drawer to be the winning team and score a [INSERT WINNING PRIZE]!! 

Get there a little early for a bite to eat aas you meet new people, have some fun and try something a little different. 

$5 RSVP fee. 

Come along and join the fun! 

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