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Make New Friends @Silent Disco

30 May 2021 at 3:00:00 am

If you'll enjoy making new friends during a super-fun, dance-your-heart-out, Silent Disco, come n' join us!

Make New Friends @Silent Disco

If you'd like to make some lovely new friends while dancing your heart out, lets meet for a silent dance party.

Hosted at Sky Tower you'll hit the dance floor 186 metres above Auckland.

You’ll have a choice of 3 channels - Auckland’s own Ben Parkes live, as well as 2 other channels playing you rock, pop and dance floor classics.

The Plan -

Let's meet for a drink beforehand at the Mexican Cafe (booking under Find Your Tribe so you can find us) and then we'll hit the dance floor for some great fun and, if we'd like to stop for a chat we can remove our noise cancelling headphones and laugh at everyones terrible singing.

The headsets (provided) will enable you to choose which of the x4 channels you'd like to listen too and each headset will glow a different colour depending on what channel you are listening to so you can boogey with those who're grooving to same tunes.

Your Silent Disco ticket includes:

A headset

Admission to Level 51, the 186-metre high viewing platform

Live DJ performance by Ben Parkes

Drinks and food available for purchase from our fully stocked bar.



There aren't 'heaps' of tickets available so make-sure you collect yours el-pronto: 

Tickets available here:

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