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Meet n' Greet Quiz!

15 October 2021 at 6:30:00 am

If you'll enjoy meeting your fellow tribe gals over a meet n' greet and Kahoot quiz, come and 'find your tribe' both in, and out of, Lockdown.

Meet n' Greet Quiz!

If it's still a bit cold and miserable for you to be braving the evening wilds, come and 'find your tribe' during an online meet, greet and quiz!

Pour your favourite beverage, sit back, relax, and tune in to connect with your fellow tribe gals from the comfort of your own home :-)

Your host, Karllie Clifton will be posing some great conversational topics and you’ll each take turns sharing and listening and getting to know one another, so when the weather warms, you’ll have a great gang of girls to meet.  We'll also be playing a few rounds of Kahoot. If you have never played before here is a little info so be sure to have downloaded Kahoot in preparation for our time together ($3.99).

Ideally, you'll need two devices; 1 for joining our Zoom Meeting, and one for playing Kahoot. 

Personally, I recommend Zooming on your computer (as the bigger screen is nicer to see everyone) and Kahooting on your phone.  

See you there :-) 

This'll be fun!

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