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Couples Mini Golf & Drinks

26 February 2022 at 5:00:00 am

Come and make some lovely new friends during Couples Mini Golf! If you'd like to connect with other couples who're looking for new friends too, come and Double Date at mini golf

Couples Mini Golf & Drinks

Come and make some lovely new couple-friends during a round of mini golf at Alice in Putterland. 

If you, and your partner would like to make more couple-friends come and  join Erin and her partner, during an evening of mini-golf fun. 

Hosted at Alice in Putterland, you'll enjoy the newest, fan-dangled, indoor miniature golf course in Christchurch.  Leap down the rabbit hole and see gigantic tea pots, card soldiers,  and glow-in-the-dark holes while meeting, greeting and having some fun! 

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