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Mojo Wine Club - Fendalton

25 July 2021 at 2:30:00 am

Come and make some lovely new friends during the Fendalton Gals Wine Club!

Mojo Wine Club - Fendalton

If you’d like to make new friends living in/around the city come and find your wine-loving tribe!

You’ll each gift your hostess a bottle of $10-25 wine and bring a plate of nibbles to share and your own wine glass to save the hostess in cleanups. Over the course of the evening, each of the wines will be sampled and you’ll work through the tasting notes together while comparing your tasting experiences. You’ll enjoy a range of delicious nibbles and lots of easy chit-chats because let's be honest, wine and new friends are a great combination. You can expect to drive safely home afterward as the goal is to enjoy up to 2 glasses of wine over the 2-3 hours you’ll be together. This gorgeous event is exclusive to Tribe Gals and is perfect whether you’ve been with the Tribe a while or if this is your first Tribe event.

If you’re feeling a little nervous you won’t know anyone, don’t worry about it! All Tribe Events are designed to be attended solo because that’s the whole point! To meet new people, while doing new things and having new experiences! 

No +1’s please.

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