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Older and Wiser Tribe - Wine Club

9 April 2022 at 7:00:00 am

Come and meet others who're in the older and wiser Tribe, while sampling a range of delicious wines, nibbling on nibbles, and enjoying a super-fun, super-friendly, 'girls night in' at Jules home in Whau Valley.

Older and Wiser Tribe - Wine Club

Come and 'find your tribe' of 50s - 60s+ gals as you enjoy a fun. friendly Wine Club. 

Hosted at Jules place, you can expect fine wine, fine conversation and the great company? That's on us! :-) 

How a Tribe, 'Wine Club' Actually Works -

Firstly, if you know your passionfruit palate from your diesel, great! Please come. 

However...  for the rest of us... Simply bring along your favourite bottle of supermarket quaffing wine ($10-25) , and a plate of nibbles to share.

You'll then spend a happy couple of hours chatting, laughing and sampling the various wines, while nibbling on the nibbles, and working through the Tasting Notes (provided) together.

Before you think, 'how will I get home?!'

The intention of this event is to help you make new friends while 'sampling' the various wines so yes, you'll be able to drive home afterward with an expanded, 'recommended drinking list' and meanwhile, you'll have met a whole room of fabulous, wonderful women!

Who Is This Suitable For?

This event is perfect whether you’ve been with the Tribe a while, or this will be your first.

If you’re feeling a little nervous you won’t know anyone, all Tribe events are designed to be attended solo because that’s the whole point! To meet new people, while doing new things and having fun new experiences!

Enjoy :-)

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