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Older & Wiser Tribe - Dinner & Drinks

16 September 2021 at 6:30:00 am

If you'd like to meet others who're in the older and [maybe] wiser Tribe, come and enjoy a girls' night out over dinner and drinks at Dockside Restaurant.

Older & Wiser Tribe - Dinner & Drinks

Last month a group of our more 'mature' 😂 Tribe Gals met over dinner and drinks and such was the success they've voted on doing it again so here we are!!

Come and 'find your tribe' of Older n' Wiser gals as you enjoy a great night out!

You'll be starting at 6:30 pm for drinks and then order dinner a little later so, if you're used to eating early, have a wee snack before you come or order some entrees to share.  Your evening will be spent in your own, private dining room so if you struggle with noisy, bustling restaurants, you'll just have the chatter of one another to contend with 😁

Hosted regularly, this event will give you an opportunity to meet other Tribe Gals regularly and over-time who are each in the same stage of life during a relaxed and casual girls-night-out.

You'll love it!

Please come!!

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