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Social Confidence Intro Series Workshop

If you’ve been out of the social scene a while, or shy about putting yourself 'out there', let's change that!

Come & meet your fellow Tribe Gal introverts during a '90 min Confidence Call + Meet n' Greet.' you'll love!

Social Confidence Intro Series Workshop

Come and 'find your tribe' of fellow introverts as you meet n' greet during a super-fun, super-friendly, Confidence Call + Meet n' Greet. 

Hosted regularly, these events are designed to systematically teach you all the Social Skills you need to make new friends quickly and easily because honestly - 

If you know what it's like, stuck at home, lacking the confidence to head out, this is the Tribe Gals event for you.!

Yes, we'll start from the basics, building your social skills incrementally until one day, you'll look in the mirror and realise, 'you know what? I got this!' 

Hosted by Tribe Founder, Sarah Clarke, you’ll learn:

How to make new friends  

How to attract the perfect friends for you, 

Observe the red flags 

Because that's why the Tribe was created in the first place! 

To help you, 'find your tribe' of madly, fabulous 'you-tribe'! 

No matter whether you're a nerdy scientist, gaming geek-chick or the 'Dance-till-dawn Tribe' or both!! 

You'll learn all the social skills you need to make new friends who'll love you! 

In this first, beginners training series - You’ll learn:

* How to create immediate and lasting rapport 

* How to appear fascinating when you've nothing to say

* How to start conversations, hold conversations, and leave the boring ones 

* How to convey confidence, even when you’ve got none

* How to be instantly respected

* How to encourage others to talk, so you don't have too


About Your Trainer:

Hey, I'm Sarah, Tribe Founder & passionate about enabling you to ''find your tribe,' quickly and easily.

As a psychology trainer & therapist I've learned social skills, they're not rocket science.

They're actually very simple. Social skills are small, simple steps, you can learn that will improve your interactions forevermore.

No more sitting at home feeling like Nelly No Mates!

It's time we got you out there; meeting new people and having some fun!

Don't leave new friendships to chance!

Learn how to 'find your tribe', so you'll make new friends and try new things.

Life's too short for scrolling.

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