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Spanish Night

21 May 2021 at 2:00:00 am

Come and meet some lovely new people while chatting and laughing through a delicious Spanish Tapas meal.

Spanish Night

If you'd like to meet some lovely new people, lets head out for an authentic and, so I've heard, utterly delicious and quirky Spanish experience. 

Many agree Spanish food is one of the tastiest cuisines in the world but, for many of us, a well kept secret. 

Come along and lets meet n' greet while experiencing authentic Spanish dishes, each made with the freshest local products.

You'll see from the ticket options that you can make your choice of either vegetarian or non-vegetarian tapa tickets. The price on each ticket qualifies you to a tapa selection, to the tickets value. Ideally, you'll select 1-2 tickets, (according to your budget), and together enjoy a shared tapas feast. 

You'll love the restaurant! Its delicious and the atmosphere is perfect for relaxing girl chats in a comfortable and fun atmosphere. 

See you there :-) 

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