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Speed Friendship

22 May 2021 at 10:00:00 pm

Come along and meet a whole room of women, each looking for a new best friend, just like you!!

Speed Friendship

If you'd like to meet a whole room of women, each looking for lovely new friends, come and join us at Speed Friendship 


Think Speed Dating, except this time, its for friendship 

You'll spend a few minutes chatting 1:1 and, every few minutes a bell will ring and wha-lah, you'll move on to meet someone new.

At the completion of the event, you'll note which of the women you'd most like to see again and, if the feelings mutual, you'll receive one-another's contact details within the next few days.

This is the single-most effective way of meeting a whole room of women, each looking for a new bestie, just like you!

Friendship, its a numbers game, so come along and play.

You'll love it!

Hosted at a secret location (TBA) we'll have our own private space for you to move around n' meet everyone because lets face it, a Saturday afternoon spent supping your favourite beverage and meeting new people sounds pretty darn fun right?!

You betcha.

See you there

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