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Tribe Gals Pilates Class + Cuppa & Catchup

18 August 2023 at 10:00:00 pm

Come n' make new friends as you build your strength during an exquisite, Tribe Gals exclusive, Pilates class followed by a cuppa n' catchup together afterward.

Tribe Gals Pilates Class + Cuppa & Catchup

If you've been meaning to try Pilates, come and join your fellow Tribe Gals during an all levels Pilates class, followed by a 'cuppa n' catchup' together afterward. 

There's a common misconception that pilates is an easy-going style of workout that doesn't require the same strength and effort as traditional gym workouts. Well, we're here to smash that myth once and for all. Pilates isn't just a challenging and effective workout, it's a safe one too. Guiding you to move your muscles in controlled, low impact, specifically targeted ways, you'll get seriously strong in no time.

What to Expect

Together, with your fellow Tribe Gal host, and Pilates teacher  Lisa Taylor, you'll  not only get all the stength and flexibility benefits of a Pilates class, you'll also make some lovely new friends in the process!! 

What's The Plan - 

A 55-min, traditional, mat-style pilates class, followed by a cuppa and catchup together afterward. 

Prepare for your daily dose of exercise, good times, and great gal-chats! 

Nervous you won't know anyone?

Rest assured, all Tribe Friendship events are designed to be attended solo because everyone you meet, at every Tribe event, is there to make new friends too.

You'll love it!

Whats Included?

Your $25 ticket means you'll have a fabulous, all-levels, 55 minutes pilates class to look forward too plus a tribe of like-minded new friends to connect with in your very own, 'Messenger Chat Group'. 

Event Dates/Details: 

Hosted  from 10am on the 19th August,  followed by brunch/cuppa afterward at River Kitchen. 

Enjoy :-) 

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