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Hosting FAQ's

Updated: 4 days ago

If you're thinking about hosting a Tribe Event, you might have a few questions.

Below is our most commonly asked questions and, if you're still not sure - drop me an email here.

1. What Does Hosting Cost?

Hosting is FREE! No hooks, no catches no-nothing.

2. How much time is involved?

30-mins a month - Max

3. How Many Usually Come Along? Usually about 5-7 people each time. Sometimes more, rarely-less.

4. Who Is Hosting Best For?

If you're someone who finds yourself thinking, 'I wish I had people to do things with', you'll love hosting.

5. Who is Hosting Not OK For? If you're someone whose going to take the number of sign-up's personally, have unreliable health or, are going to get too busy at work, hosting is not for you! 😂

6. What's Involved

a/ Define what you'd like to do here b/ You'll be contacted to make a time for a 15-min phone natter with me (Sarah - Tribe Founder) so you can have all your questions answered c/ Creating a FB event (I'll help!) d/ Contacting the gals as they sign up letting them know you're expecting them. 30 mins p/m - max!

7. Is Hosting For All Ages?

Absolutely! Anyone from 20-120 can host a Tribe Event

8. How Will I Know When People Have Signed Up?

You'll get a message via Messenger. 9. What's the recommended number of monthly events I should host?

4 events is great.

10. How Often Should Events be Hosted?

Monthly is ideal - More often than that and it's hard for people to commit. Less than that and connections are lost....

11. Can I Limit the Number of People That Come?

Sure! If you're keen on limiting numbers, we can do that.

12. What about transport?

Easily arranged amongst yourselves via a Group Chat.

13. How Many Will Sign up?

Most will sign up at the last minute 😅 and generally, you'll have 3-4 sign up for your first event and more will sign up every month thereafter.

14. How long is needed for promotion?

3-4 weeks s ideal. Yes, it sounds like ages but trust me - time flies!

15. Contact


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