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Explorer Gals Walk n Talk Series: Te Otamanui Walkway

3 May 2024 at 10:00:00 pm

If you're keen on outdoor adventures this summer, come and enjoy a series of beginner-friendly nature walks you'll love. Meet your ready-made Tribe of lovely new friends & have some beautiful, easy walks to look forward to. Prepare for good times, great gal-chats & some much needed 'smile-er-size'.

Explorer Gals Walk n Talk Series: Te Otamanui Walkway

If you're keen to meet some awesome new people, this 3-month fabulous 'Walk n Talk Series' is for you. You'll make some lovely new friends while exploring a variety of pretty, nature-based walks designed for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. 

Hosted by the lovely Jess Clough, these walks are designed as a casual walk and talk. You'll have plenty of time for photo ops and all the walking shall be done at a talking pace. 

This May, let's go and explore the Te Otamanui Walkway. Chat your way through lush native bush and immerse in the serene ambiance of this stunning walking trail.

Nervous you won't know anyone?

Don't be! You're not going solo - you're meeting new friends there! 😁

Keen to Car Pool?

When registering you'll select if you're keen to get a ride, or take other gals along. No guarantees of course but let's see 🤞

Event Details:

Hosted on Saturdays, 10:00 am -

Please note - Free RSVP's for Tribe subscribers; event costs not included.

Enjoy! 😘

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