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If you’re keen to meet new people, try new things, and get yourself connected - now you can, 'find your tribe!'


How it all began....

How did ‘the Tribe’ become NZ’s largest, women-only, ‘Friendship Community?


Sarah Clarke - Tribe Founder

The gals having fun during one of the Tribe events



All ages, all stages -

But why?

The Tribe began when Tribe Founder, Sarah Clarke, moved to Auckland for a wonderful new start. It was meant to be a sparkly city, full of bright lights, fun outings, and wonderful new friends to meet. Instead, it was the loneliest time of her life.

Because, for anyone who has ever moved somewhere new, the question is: where to start on the 'new friends-front', right?

Friday night rolls round, now what? Saturday morning dawns bright and new. Now what? Because sure, you can get out there, go for walks, & check things out, but without actually knowing people, you don't get any invites. So, aside from heading along to the movies on your own, there isn't a whole lot of social opportunities for a solo woman—let alone, meeting new women often enough for new friendships to grow.

Plus, it wasn't just her! As a private therapist, she was seeing women day-in, day-out. And guess what? They didn't have friends either. And we're not talking 'Nelly-No-Mates' sorta women here! Rather, fabulous women with awesome careers but, you guessed it, no friends. So now what?

Resolving to fix this apparent loneliness epidemic, she gave up her day job, and the Tribe began. What initially started as a cutesy little Meetup group has grown to become the nation's largest women's friendship community. Jam-packed full of Kiwi gals of all ages and all stages, with one thing in common: they're wanting to hang out, try new things, and make some lovely new friends in the process.

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Join the Tribe Community

Meet New People

Now you can bust the boredom blues and find your tribe in your very-own, Tribe Community. Jam packed with like-minded Tribe Gals who're keen to connect.

Get Connected

If you've been sitting at home and wondering how to meet new people - join the club - or, in our case, the Tribe! 

Have More Fun!

Let's face it. It's hard making new friends as an adult. The Tribe changes that. Choose from a variety of friendship events ranging from brunches, to movie dates, to dancing till dawn. Best of all, Tribe Events are designed to be attended solo. 


Meet like-minded Tribe gals via your very-own Tribe Community

Read others intro posts, arrange meetups, send private messages, or RSVP yourself along to the various friendship events on offer. 



With 30,000 Tribe gals nationwide, you'll find your tribe by getting out there and meeting them!

You've seen that group of girlfriends, sitting at a cafe and laughing happily amongst themselves? Or, a pair of besties solving their life's problems over a vino on the balcony? That will soon be you!

Instead of you sitting at home; miserably scrolling your newsfeed, you can find your tribe by joining the Tribe Community! 

Jam packed full of local gals; you'll read everyone's introduction posts, arrange meetups, or exchange private messages. Best of all, you'll be meeting-up. Choose from a variety of fun, friendly, Friendship Events that are designed to be attended solo. 

Yes, life is hard. But it's harder still without a tribe of women at your back. In fact, science tells us that loneliness is a hard on your body as smoking a packet of cigarettes a day! So, save your health, and avoid yet another boring night at home, while meeting new people and having more fun! 

Women Friendship













Hi, I'm Sarah...

Tribe Founder

Sarah Clarke - Tribe Founder, Find Your Tribe

I've created the Tribe as the meeting place for NZ women, a safe space - exclusively for us.

What NZ women need in these busy, trying times, is each other. Unfortunately, we're so busy running here, there, and everywhere, we don't have the opportunity to meet new people. The Tribe changes that.

As a psychology trainer, I'm passionate about the empowerment of women. So, instead of you sitting at home and wishing you had people to hang out with, you can choose from various friendship events hosted by Tribe members, for Tribe members. You'll suddenly have a social calendar you're excited about, and a ready-made tribe of new girlfriends to meet. 

Are you nervous heading along to Tribe Events on your own? Don't be.  Tribe Events are designed to be attended solo because everyone you meet, at every Tribe event, is there to meet new people too.

Plus, as a Tribe member, you'll have access to various online communities. There, you'll stop with the doom scrolling and instead, connect with other local women. You can select from communities of women in your ideal friends age- range, who live nearby, or who share your interests.

As a Tribe Member you will find your tribe, find your people and have more fun!

Friendship is every womans superpower

Sarah Clarke



  • What Events are On?
    You can see the up n' coming events by selecting your region from the Events tab at the top of the page. Or, if you're on your phone, see the hamburger menu, top right.
  • How Do I Become a Member?
    Check out your membership options here:
  • I can't login to the App
    Pick up your Tribe membership by following the link below. Then follow the login instructions in your confirmation email Still not working? Drop me an email here:
  • Where's My Free Access?
    If you've bought your app membership and made your Intro post you'll receive a confirmation email (within 24-36 hours) your 30 days free access has been applied. This will take 24-36 hours. Email hasn't arrived? Contact me here. Haven't made your intro post? Start there! Your 30 day free access will then be applied.
  • Our Refund Policy
    Refund Policy for your membership Effective Date: Start date of your membership ​ At Find Your Tribe, we strive to deliver exceptional events and experiences through our app. We appreciate your commitment to being part of our community. This Refund Policy outlines the terms and conditions under which refunds will be considered. ​ 1. Refund Eligibility: We understand that circumstances may change, and we want to provide the best possible service. However, refunds will not be issued solely based on a change of mind or personal circumstances. ​ 2. Cancellation of Membership: Users have the flexibility to manage their membership status. If you wish to cancel or update your membership, you can do so by visiting our Membership Update page at []. Please ensure any updates or cancellations are made before the next payment date, as indicated in the 'My Subscriptions' section of your membership page []. ​ 3. Payment Dates and Subscriptions: Your membership page will display the upcoming payment dates under 'My Subscriptions.' To avoid unwanted charges, it is your responsibility to make any changes to your membership before the next payment date. ​ 4. No Refunds for Partial Membership Periods: Refunds will not be provided for partial membership periods. Once a payment has been processed, you will continue to have access to our app and its features until the end of the current subscription period. ​ 5. Exceptions: In certain circumstances, we may consider refund requests on a case-by-case basis, such as technical issues preventing access to the app or events. please contact us at with detailed information about the issue for further assistance. ​ 6. Changes to the Refund Policy: We reserve the right to modify, amend, or change any part of this Refund Policy at our discretion. Any updates will be effective immediately upon posting on our website. ​ By continuing to use our app and services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms outlined in this Refund Policy. For any questions or concerns, please contact me at ​ Thank you for being part of The Tribe. ​ Much love! Sarah Clarke Tribe Founder
  • I'm not quite the right age for an event. What should I do?
    Go anyway! If you're keen to meet people in/around the age range listed in an event you'll be very welcome.
  • What Do I Get From the App?
    The Tribe Gals app gives you access to the Tribe Community where you'll: Get connected with local gals! Get unlimited FREE friendship events Find like-minded Tribe Gals with Intro Posts Send private messages Arrange meetups amongst yourselves Keen to get some gals together? Free friendship event promotion! Check out the friendship events that are coming up here
  • How Do I Cancel My Membership?
    ancel your membership here:
  • I Don't Have Anyone To Go To Events With 😭
    Good! Tribe Events are designed to be attended solo. In fact, everyone goes to Tribe Events on her own because we're each there to meet new people. You'll love the Tribe vibe.
  • Where Does the Membership Fee Go?
    Your membership fee helps keep the Tribe admin running smoothly.
  • What If I Don't Click With the Other Gals?
    Come now darling, friendship is a numbers game and let's be honest - they take time - Precisely why, as a Tribe Community Member, you'll have unlimited friendship events to choose from. That way, you can meet the other Tribe gals regularly, and over-time, during a variety of fun, friendly, 'friendship events' you'll love. Hosted by Tribe gals, for Tribe gals, you can check out what's coming up here
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