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Whose behind all this?

That’ll be Sarah, Tribe Founder. After 11 years as a private therapist she become convinced the key to us Kiwi Gals being our happiest, healthiest version, was having a loving tribe of friends at our back. She then set about to create that for us. You can learn more about her story here.

Is the Tribe for men?

Nah. The Tribe is exclusively for us Kiwi gals. Not because we don’t love our menfolk. We do! But rather - we think friendship is something us women can do just as well without them.

Am I safe here?

We’ve done our best. Everyone who joins the Tribe must sign-up using her social media logins. If she’s got a new social media account her application will be denied. This helps to avoid fake accounts. Your data will NEVER be shared and the system is built in alignment with the UN data protection laws so I’d say you’re as safe here as you can be online.

Is the Tribe NZ based?

Absolutely! The Tribe was created by NZ women, for NZ women. Designed as a solution to the isolation and loneliness of our modern, busy world - The Tribe is here to change that old saying, ‘It’s hard to make new friends as an adult’.

Are Couple Events OK?

So you, and your partner, would like to connect with other couples? Sure! You can give it a try but we have found most gals who join the Tribe are here looking for new GF’s and the couple events have rarely worked. Yours could be a first though so sure! Get yourself started here.

Can I block people?

Absolutely! If you don’t want someone knowing your business - block her. Search for her in the members list and that way whatever happens in the Tribe remains your business - not hers.


Parliament Street, Auckland CBD

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