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Girls Night In - Island Bay

1 April 2022 at 5:00:00 am

If you'd like to meet some fabulous new people, join Kelly at her home in Island Bay for a super-fun, super-friendly, Girls Night In, over a few after work drinks at her home in Island Bay.

Girls Night In - Island Bay

If your idea of a fabulous night out is actually, a great night in, come and  join Kelly for good times and great girl chats  at her home in Island Bay. 

You'll enjoy some well deserved, 'after-work drinks' from Kelly's balcony as you celebrate the end of the work-week together. 

Nervous you won't know anyone? Tribe Events are designed to be attended solo because, what makes Tribe events special is everyone you meet,  at every Tribe event, is there to make new friends too. You'll love it!.

Limited numbers so RSVP yourself along el-pronto to avoid missing out. 

You'll receive Kelly's address after RSVP'ng so keep an eye on your emails and, if your confirmation email doesn't arrive, check your junk folder.


***Vax pass NOT required for this event.

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