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Girls Getaway - Muriwai Beach

15 March 2024 at 9:00:00 pm

If you'd like a ready-made Tribe of new girlfriends to try fun new things with, this 4-month friendship series is for you! With monthly events ranging from camping getaways to an awesome 'dinner in the dark', you'll bust the boredom blues while making some like-minded new friends in the process! ūü•≥

Girls Getaway - Muriwai Beach

If you're keen to try some fun new things this year, join Georgia Holmes and your fellow Tribe gals during this all-ages 4-part friendship series, jammed with all those things you love to do but, until now, haven't had anyone to do them with 😊

What's The Plan?

First things first, RSVP yourself along anook your spot at the Muriwai Beach Campground and then pack up your swag, camper, caravan or hire yourself a wee cabin as you pack your bags for a fun, fabulous, trip to Muriwai Beach.

As this is just a 1-nighter, you won't need much. Just some shared dinner treats, bottle of vino (if that's your thing) and coffee for the next morning. Then you're off-off and away!

Muriwai Beach Campground. A large, spacious, pet-friendly campground, equipped with modern faciliites and your choice from powered sites for the caravan,  non-powered sites for the tent or cabins to hire. Beside Muriwai Beach you can expect good times, great gal-chats and a gorgeous night away with the girls.

Accommodation Cost:

Check out your options here: Muriwai Beach Campground. Bookings essential.

What to Bring:

Evening nibbles to share so all you need to do is grab your tent, swag or van. Chuck in your overnight bag, bottle of vino (if that's your thing) and your morning cuppa cha' - then you're off-off and away!

Nervous you won't know anyone?

Tribe events are designed to be attended solo because everyone you meet is there to make new friends too.

Keen to Car Pool?

When registering you'll select if you're keen to get a ride, or take other gals along, so you can collaborate with the other gals and get you there with the minimum of fuss.

Try Fun Things - All Ages Friendship Series Event Details:

  1. Girls Getaway - Muriwai Beach: Sat, 16th March, 10am - Muriwai Beach Campground
  2. Gals Getaway to Miranda Camping Ground: 19th/20th April, Fri-Sat, 10am - Soak in the hot pools and meet some lovely new people
  3. Dog Walk & Brunch: 18th May, Saturday, 10am - Leroys Bush stroll 35-40 mins, then brunch in Birkenhead
  4. Dinner in the dark. 15th June, Saturday - Experience this revolutionary dining experience with dinners from $155 pp inc. starter, main, dessert w. wine pairing

Please note - Free RSVP's for all paying Tribe Members; Event Costs not included.

Enjoy 😘

To freely RSVP to friendship events, click the button below to choose your membership.

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