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40+ & Fab Tribe: Gals Day Out to Warkworth

1 March 2024 at 10:00:00 pm

If you're keen to find your tribe, and make some lovely new friends in the process, this girls day out to Warkworth is for you.

40+ & Fab Tribe: Gals Day Out to Warkworth

For 40+ local gals, or city gals who’re  keen on a Rodney adventure, start your Saturday with brunch at the locally-famous, Warkworth Hotel

Grab yourself something small from the cabinet, or select from their scrumptious menu with  a coffee, or cocktail, on the side!

Hosted by your fellow Tribe gal Michelle Parfett, the idea is leaving your Saturday chores behind and spending time with the girls instead 🥰 

Wear some comfy shoes to explore the village together afterward - Do some shopping, buy an ice cream and most importantly, meet some wonderful new people!

Nervous Coming Along on Your Own?

Tribe Events are actually designed to be attended solo so you're not 'going on your own' - you're 'meeting friends there'. Ooop-ooop!

Keen to carpool? 

Sign up now to get connected with Michelle & check-in about car pooling with the other local gals who’re heading along. 

Event Details:

Please note - Event costs are not included.

Enjoy 😘

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