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Shore Gals: Let's Learn to Play Poker!

30 June 2024 at 2:00:00 am

With Winter closing in, now you can head out for a warm, fun, non-weather dependent😝 afternoon of gals-poker! Perfect for beginners, you'll meet lovely new people while learning to play Poker! Prepare for good times, learning something new, and some stellar new friends to laugh with along the way.

Shore Gals: Let's Learn to Play Poker!

If you've been sitting at home, thinking it'd be nice to meet some new people, come and join this fun fuelled afternoon of gals Poker. Perfect for beginners, this 'learn to play poker', 4-month friendship event is hosted monthly and is all about meeting new friends and having lotsa fun in the process!

Hosted by Karen Campbell, you'll meet new people, learn how to play poker and have lotsa fun in the process.

Perfect for any Tribe Gal who is keen for an all-ages, warm and friendly, 'gals afternoon out', where you'll learn the difference between 'running good, an 'American Airline' and a 'Belly Buster'.

Worried you won't know anyone?

Everyone comes on her own because that’s the whole idea. Meeting new people so whether you’ve been with us 5 minutes, or 5 years, you’ll love the Tribe vibe 🥳

Would you like to Car Pool?

When registering - select if you're keen to get a ride or take someone along.

Event Details:

Hosted on the last Sunday of the month for 4 months, 2pm, at The Clyde Bar & Restaurant

  • 30 June
  • 28 July
  • 25 Aug
  • 29 Sep

Please note - event costs (if any), not included.

Ticket Options:

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  • 1-off ticket: $14.95
  • Series ticket: Pick any/all events in this series - From $24.95
  • Unlimited tickets: See your choice of events here from $14.99 per month

Enjoy 😘

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