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Board Games Fun - Christchurch

If you'd like to make some lovely new friends, come and join us for some Board Games Fun.

Board Games Fun - Christchurch

You're guaranteed two hours of fun and laughter with a group of very cool Tribe ladies.

Grab a cuppa, or something stronger and maybe a bite to eat, and get ya game on!

Board games are a great ice breaker, so this is the perfect way to meet other Tribe Gals in a relaxed, fun, and social setting.

Wondering what games we'll play?

Dice and Slice have 250+ games for us to choose from so clearly there's something for everyone.

Cool aye.

This event is a monthly thing so keep an eye out for the different times and days as it may change and, if you've missed out this time, subscribe to receive event invites so you'll get first dibs next time.

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