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Come Dine With Me

Have you seen the English TV show, 'Come Dine With Me?'
Well, this is the Tribe version and perfect for anyone who both loves cooking for others and dining at others homes.

Come Dine With Me

How this fabulous idea works - 

6 Tribe gals will meet 6 times  and each take turns cooking dinner for one-another. 

If you're someone who enjoys cooking for others, and having dinner at friends homes, this is the Tribe Event for you!

This will be a super-fun way of meeting people regularly over a few weeks while enjoying some delicious Winter fare and all-the-while, trying something a little different.

Briar - The amazing Tribe gal behind this idea said, "It gives us an opportunity to cook something nice for everyone and to visit one another's homes'.

Perfect right?! 

You betcha. 

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