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Crafty Tribe - Soy Melts and Candle Workshop

If you'd like to make some lovely new friends, come and meet some new people while enjoying an evening workshop making soy melts and soy candles.

Crafty Tribe - Soy Melts and Candle Workshop

If you'll enjoy meeting new people while trying something new, come and join your fellow Tribe Gals during a creative workshop where you'll learn how to make a gorgeous, handmade candle and 10-12 deliciously scented, soy melts. 

Your creations will make wonderful gifts so this is the perfect event for everyone; whether you'll enjoy these treasures  yourself, or give them away as presents. The point is, you're out there! You're meeting new people and trying new things as we make the most of life between lockdown. 

Because that's the thing... Once upon a time we could procrastinate friendhip, call friends a luxuary. Nowadays, with social isolation an ongoing reality, and health being so importent, it's never been a better time to 'find your tribe' and 'find your people'.

Event Details - 

Tickets: $45 inc. $5 Tribe RSVP fee, 150 mls candle wax, full tuition and the materials for 10-12 soy melts

What to bring - 

BYO favourite cold beverages

150 ml candle container i.e. used candle jar, tea cup or, these are available for purchase (from $6)

Please note - 

You can create larger candles, or more of them, by paying an additional $5 for each 150mls of wax however larger candles will not have set during class time so may need to be collected afterward 

Everyone is welcome but, as always with Tribe Events, this event is exclusive to Tribe Gals so no +1's, nor walk-in's, please.

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