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Girls Poker Night FUN!

If you'd like to meet some lovely new people during a super-fun, Girls Poker Night, this is the event for you!

Girls Poker Night FUN!

Come and 'find your poker loving tribe' during a super-fun, super-friendly, 'Girls Poker Night!'.

Let's face it, women are crushing the old patriarchal rules by doing things once reserved for our menfolk. We drive massive trucks, we put out the rubbish and, by gooves, we can play a damn fine game of poker!! 

If your idea of good night out is meeting n' greeting your fellow Tribe Gals over a round or 2, of poker, come and join the fun because, let's be honest here - It's not always that easy meeting new people. How much easier it's going to be while chatting and laughing over a game of cards!! 

Tesca is also a great venue!! They've a ripper drinks menu, fantastic outdoor courtyard area (so dress for the weather) and they've scrumptious food so come along and have your Saturday night with, 'the girls' as you meet your fellow Tribe gals and have some fun. 

Nervous you won't know anyone? Good news, Tribe Events are designed to be attended solo because what makes them special is everyone you meet, at every Tribe event, is there to make new friends too.

You'll love it, NO BLUFF!

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