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Confidence Club - Social Confidence Training for Introverts

3 June 2023 at 7:00:00 am

If you’ve been out of the social scene a while, or feeling shy or awkward when meeting new people, this one's for you! This FREE 3-week online training will give you all the social skills you need to make an awesome first impression while meeting your fellow Tribe Gals in the process.

Confidence Club - Social Confidence Training for Introverts

If you'd like to make new friends come and brush up your social skills while 'finding your tribe', during this fun, fabulous, 90-minute online training you'll love!

Hosted by Tribe Founder Sarah Clarke, you'll learn, over a 3-part series:

* How to make an awesome first impression without saying a word

* How to get other people talking (so you don't have to)

* How to  appear totally fascinating even if you've nothing to say

* The magic word in any conversation 

What to Expect

You'll sign into the online meeting by following the Zoom link contained in your confirmation email. Your screen will open on a group of smiling, happy faces. 

You'll then sit back, relax, and learn a variety of fun, social techniques you can apply to make a great impression on virtually anyone!!


Don't be! 

Don your slippers, pour your favourite beverage and prepare for learning some amazing new social techniques. 

Your only regret will be you didn't learn all of these social skills sooner!

Event Details:

Hosted fortnightly, at 7pm on May 6, May 20, and June 3.

Why Free?

Because you'll love your new social skills so much you might then have the confidence to sign up to attend the variety of super-fun, super-friendly, 'friendship events' on the Tribe calendar. 

In addition,  you might think 'omg!! Yes please!' to our 4-month, Tribe Gals Only -  'Confidence Club' - Where you'll be learning all the social skills you need to rock this social thing, no matter how shy, quiet, or awkward  you've been until now.  

See you there 🥰

To freely RSVP to friendship events, click the button below to choose your membership.

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