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No Rules Book Club

7 August 2021 at 5:30:00 am

Enjoy reading but can't always make time for it? Want to join a Book Club but don't want to commit to a set reading list? The No Rules Book Club is for you!

No Rules Book Club

Your host Caroline has run a "no rules" book club successfully in Wellington for the last 17 yrs. After moving back home to ChCh recently, Caroline would like to set up a new Book Club based on the same model.

So, how does a No Rules Book Club actually work?

Once, every 4-6 weeks you'll meet on a Friday evening for drinks, nibbles, gossip, pizza and you guessed it.... Books. You'll bring whatever you'd most like to drink, $10 if you'd like to share in the pizza, plus a book you've enjoyed. 

Then sit back, relax as you chat and listening to others share their book reviews. 

At the end, you'll be welcome to borrow others books by recording it in the Book Club register.

Sound like fun? You betcha!!

You'll receive your host's address after RSVP'ng yourself along so keep an eye on your emails and if your confirmation email doesn't arrive, your junk folder.

Enjoy :-)

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