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Pub Quiz Online

3 May 2023 at 7:00:00 am

If you fancy a pub quiz but prefer to stay home 😜 come and have some fun with your fellow Tribe Gals during our 'National Tribe Gals Quiz!'. Pit yourself against Tribe members from other regions as you and your local Tribe girls, combine minds during our pub-quiz-at-home, monthly meetup :-)

Pub Quiz Online

Come and enjoy a 'pub quiz at home' as you, and your local Tribe Gals, challenge yourselves against other Tribe Regions for a light hearted quiz competition!

How this works - 

We're meeting online so at 7pm you'll follow the link included in your confirmation email and your screen will open on a sea of smiling faces :-) 

You'll enjoy a wee hello and then we'll get started.  

The quiz question will be posed and wha-lah, your screen will re-open on your Tribe Team and together, you'll work out the answer.

30 seconds later, we'll meet back on the main screen to put our answers forward and may the best Tribe win!!

The winning Tribe will earn $150 toward a girls dinner out so be in to win!!  **

In preparation  

Pour your favourite beverage (or 3) and sit back, relax, and prepare for good times and some great laughs as you test how well you know what :-) 

PLEASE NOTE - After RSVP'ng you'll receive the login link via email. 

Keep your eyes peeled and, if it doesn't arrive, check your junk folder.

** If you don't play, you can't be in for the Girls Dinner Out so don't be ghosting us!! 

See you there!

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