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Puppy Pack

5 November 2021 at 9:00:00 pm

If you'll enjoying meeting new people while exploring doggy-friendly walks round town let's meet, let's greet, let's walk the dogs!

Puppy Pack

Get your weekend off to a great start while exploring new places for your daily dose of smile-er-cize, girl-chats and exploring! 

Then, once we've a troop of tired dogs, we'll head out to a local cafe for more girl-chats over a cuppa and catchup.   

Hosted regularly, 'Puppy Pack'  means you'll 'find your tribe' of fellow dog ladies while exploring different, doggy-friendly walks round town.  

Explore new places, while meeting new people during  super-fun, 'walk n' talks', you'll love!  

All Tribe gals welcome.  Dogs optional    

See you there!

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