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Explorer Gals Walk n Talk Series: Kaniwhaniwha Reserve

5 April 2024 at 9:00:00 pm

If you're keen on outdoor adventures this summer, come and enjoy a series of beginner-friendly nature walks you'll love. Meet your ready-made Tribe of lovely new friends & have some beautiful, easy walks to look forward to. Prepare for good times, great gal-chats & some much needed 'smile-er-size'.

Explorer Gals Walk n Talk Series: Kaniwhaniwha Reserve

If you're keen to meet some awesome new people, this 4-month fabulous 'Walk n Talk Series' is for you. You'll make some lovely new friends while exploring a variety of pretty, nature-based walks designed for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. 

Hosted by the lovely Jess Clough, these walks are designed as a casual walk and talk. You'll have plenty of time for photo ops and all the walking shall be done at a talking pace. 

This April, let's go and explore the Kaniwhaniwha Reserve. Perfect for a fun couple of hours, we can walk, picnic, and even explore two limestone caves at the Kaniwhaniwha Caves.  Bring a torch!! 

Nervous you won't know anyone?

Don't be! You're not going solo - you're meeting new friends there! 😁

Keen to Car Pool?

When registering you'll select if you're keen to get a ride, or take other gals along. No guarantees of course but let's see 🤞

Event Details:

Hosted on Saturdays, 10:00 am -

Please note - Event Costs not included.

Enjoy! 😘

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