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Welcome Summer Sailing Trip

13 February 2022 at 4:00:00 am

Celebrate Valentine with the other tribe gals with a sail in Auckland's Harbour, complete with bubbles and canapes!

Welcome Summer Sailing Trip

Celebrate Valentine with a sail in the Waitamata Harbour, come and make new friends during a private, Tribe Gals exclusive, chartered sail on the historic, Ted Ashby. 

The Tribe is designed to help you meet new people while trying new things and this, 'Pre-Valentine Sailing Trip!' event will do just that. 

You'll meet >40 Tribe Gals while trying something very unique indeed!

Your $89 ticket includes a 90 minute sail >2 glasses of either sparkly or beer, and plenty of delectable canapes.

You'll wile away the evening as you sit back, relax and enjoy meeting an amazing group of Tribe Gals during a unique and memorable experience on the Waitemata Harbour. 

A real treat!! 

Please come. 

Please note - We require 40 guests to cover the boat-hire  so we'll be closing RSVP's 2 weeks beforehand and, if we haven't the required number of guests, you'll be notified and reimbursed in full.  

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